3 Great Reasons For A Diving Adventure in Pattaya Thailand

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3 Great Reasons For A Diving Adventure in Pattaya Thailand

great reasons for diving pattaya

3 Great Reasons for a Diving Adventure in Pattaya Thailand.

Diving in Pattaya has lived in the shadows of Phuket diving and Similan islands dive trips in south Thailand for many years. Divers from around the world associate these dive locations as the Best scuba diving in Thailand. Pattaya, however, unlike many places to dive in Southeast Asia including Thailand, actually offers a diverse range of advantages over the more famous dive sites.

Firstly, unlike the southern islands of the Thai gulf ( Koh Tao, Koh Samui) and the Andaman Sea dive locations of Phuket, Krabi and Kho Lak, Pattaya has an all year-round dive season. Half of southern Thailand’s dive sites experience monsoon winds during summer time; which don’t affect the diving in Pattaya. Remaining mostly clam, you can still visit the Pattaya islands to make protected coral reef dives, deep wreck dives and even exciting drift dives.

Secondly, some of the best dive sites in Thailand are wreck dives. Pattaya, is known as Thailand’s ‘Wreck diving capital’ with its 5 shipwrecks ranging in size from 70m to 20m in length. Amongst these shipwrecks is the S.S Suddhabid, also known as the Hardeep which was listed in the world top ten infamous wreck dives. Other shipwrecks include HTMS Kut, HTMS Khram, HTMS Mataphon and the Bremen wreck. With this many on offer you can wreck dives every day of the week in Pattaya.

Lastly, diving Pattaya is easy and convenient. Pattaya is the closest dive destination to Bangkok, Getting to the Pattaya from the ‘Big Pineapple’, takes not time at all. Tourists who land in Thailand, and commute straight to Pattaya from Subarnavumi airport (the nation’s major international airport) can be relaxing on Pattaya beach road with a drink watching the sunset in less than a couple of hours after landing.

This ease and accessibility applies also to the Pattaya Dive Trips. Whether you are a PADI open water or advanced open water diver, you will find many dives sites quickly accessible. Dive Pattaya owns and operates 3 exclusive dive boats, one of which, Lady Go Diver II, will get you to the Pattaya Far islands in Less than 1hr! Half the time of other boat operators!

Whatever your plans are, include a Pattaya trip in them, come and get ‘wrecked’ in Pattaya and have an experience unlike any other, scuba diving in Thailand. Welcome to Dive Pattaya, This is just an introduction. Read In depth articles and check out the pictures of The Near and far islands along with our 5 shipwrecks:

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