PADI Adventure Dive Add On Pattaya Dive Trip Extras


1 Day Program

1 Dive Included

Max 4:1 Guide Ratio

Equipment Included

Credits To Specialty

Available Everyday

Price ฿1,000>


Dont miss your chance to Adventure Dive Pattaya and experience life as an Advanced Diver for day! An Adventure Dive can be conducted on any of our dive trips. For example, if you are interested in doing a night dive or a wreck dive or a deep dive, but you don’t have those types of qualifications you can still participate in these types of dives as long as you receive the right type of training and supervision with an Instructor. The Adventure Dive Pattaya is exactly the same as a training dive on the PADI Advanced Diver Course and therefore can be credited to your AOW certificate or the specialty in that field. This way you can still get to do that special dive even if you don’t have the time for the full Advanced Diver course.

Add This on To Pattaya Dive Trip to experience some Pattaya Wrecking diving as an Openwater Diver!


This is not a stand-alone offer. To initiate this add on program, you will have to also choose any one of our dive trips or dive trip combo packages to add it to.

Students read and then complete knowledge review from the Adventures in Diving manual

Students perform the skills for 1 Adventure dive
Course Schedule
Student is required to complete the knowledge review on deep diving prior to diving
Day 1 - 08.00 AM: Adventure Dive 1
Upon completion the dive is logged as and Adventure dive in the logbook in order to be credited to the Advanced Diver certification.
Includes: Knowledge Review, Full dive equipment, Tea, coffee and water, Lunch and fruit, PADI instructor, PADI dive credit
Adventure dives are conducted at the Pattaya and Samae San Islands

(Part 1): TheoryStudents are required to answer the questions in each knowledge review with the use of the Adventures in Diving Manual. The manual is available online if students wish to study in advance of arriving.

NOTE: It is Not Compulsory to buy the training materials for Adventure dives. however if you are taking the full Advanced diver course later on the same materials are used and later are Required for AOW course You may conduct any adventure dive any time from these options depending on schedules:
Adventure Dive Options Deep Wreck Diver Navigation Peak Performance Buoyancy Fish identification Night Diver Underwater Naturalist Search and Recovery Computer and Multilevel

Diver must meet the follow Prerequisites to take this course:

Must be over the age of 15 years
Must be healthy to dive
Must be a certified open water diver

Guests should book at least one day before the trip date Booking registrations can be made directly at the dive center anytime until 9pm the night before. Students are required to complete the PADI Student record File and PADI Medical Statement

A deposit payment through our website will reserve spaces for this trip
Final payment can be made at the dive center prior to trip departure

In the event that a student cannot complete the course we shall only charge to the portions of the course that have been conducted.
If a student has any medical condition, the student must have a clearance from a doctor prior to being allowed to dive. We recommend the student reads PADI Medical PDF Download Here .
If you are not sure, please contact us.