PADI Night Diver Specialty Course


2 Day Program

3 Dives Included

Max 4:1 Guide Ratio

Equipment Included

Certified To Night Dive

Available Everyday

Price ฿9,700


The PADI Night Diver specialty course takes you to the dark side of diving. I know it a bad joke. You can start this course once you have completed the PADI Open Water Diver Course or any other entry level diving license. The PADI Night dive course focuses on making you comfortable in low viz night conditions. expands your diving skill and experience by adding knowledge applied to diving at night. We will take you on three exciting Night Dives. The course generally takes 2 days.

Check Out This Video!

Watch this short video about the PADI Night Diver Course!

Students complete the knowledge review with the aid of the Night Diving manual

Students perform the skills for each of the 3 night dives
Course Schedule
Day 1 - 06.00 PM: Night Dives 1 and 2
Day 2 - 06.00 PM: Night Dive 3
Unlike the open water course there are no long video sessions just KD
Includes: Training Material, Full dive equipment, and flash lights,Tea, coffee and water, Lunch and fruit, PADI instructor, PADI certificate
Night dives are conducted at the Pattaya and Samae San Islands

(Part 1): TheoryStudents are required to answer the questions in each knowledge review with the use of the Night Diving Manual. The manual is available online if students wish to study in advance of arriving.

(Part 2): Open Water Dives There are 3 night training dives in an PADI Night Diver course.
You Will Learn Night Dive Planning Equipment considerations Use of lighting equipments Air supply gas management Night Underwater Navigation Emergency considerations Light failure procedures Details about nocturnal Aquatic life

Diver must meet the follow Prerequisites to take this course:

Must be over the age of 15 years
Must be healthy to dive
Must be a certified open water diver

Guests should book at least one day before the trip date Booking registrations can be made directly at the dive center anytime until 9pm the night before. Students are required to complete the PADI Student record File and PADI Medical Statement

A deposit payment through our website will reserve spaces for this trip
Final payment can be made at the dive center prior to trip departure

In the event that a student cannot complete the course we shall only charge to the portions of the course that have been conducted.
If a student has any medical condition, the student must have a clearance from a doctor prior to being allowed to dive. We recommend the student reads the PADI Medical PDF Download Here .
If you are not sure, please contact us.