PADI Rescue Diver Course


3 Day Program

Multiple Dives Included

Max 4:1 Guide Ratio

Equipment Included

Rescue Level Certified

Available Everyday

Price ฿14,900


The PADI Rescue Diver Course is the turning point in your diver training and the first steps towards leadership level. You will turn your attention towards how to prevent and handle diver emergencies. During the PADI Rescue Diver Course you will learn to adapt rescue skills and rescue management and how both play an important part to becoming a better, safer diver. Voted by our student’s as their favorite course program!

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Did you know you MUST be EFR certified to begin the PADI rescue course?
If you are not please see our PADI Rescue + EFR Combo Package Here!

Course Schedule
The PADI Rescue Diver is over three days. Day one you're on your own!
You collect your training materials and go away and study them.
No more spoon feeding! You're going to a Rescue Diver!

After you complete your self study knowledge reviews it's time for class
Day 2 - 08.00 AM: Complete classroom theory & confined water training
Day 3 - 08.00 AM: Conduct a minimum of 2 open water rescue scenarios, two dives
Theory classes are conducted in our A/C classrooms, confined is at the swimming pool normally but sometime from the boat.
Includes: Rescue Diver Manual, Full dive equipment, Tea, coffee and water, Lunch and fruit, PADI instructor, PADI certificate

Did you know you can finish theory before hand using PADI’s eLearning or Touch App?
Please see here for more information on Digital Dive Course Materials

Theory and video sessionsThere are 5 modules of theory and 5 videos for each module. Each video can take about 45min to watch. We recommend to watch the first of the PADI Rescue Diver videos when you sign up day 1 with your self study and in this way they can free up the workload for the following day. Each module is preceded by a discussion with our PADI Instructor and the study sessions are checked with the use of pop quizzes, or multiple choice quizzes to help monitor your progress and understanding. The following day we start at 08:00am to review/complete the theory sessions from your study the day before.
Confined Water Sessions Confined Water Rescue scenarios will be conducted in the afternoon normally. Each skill is carefully explained by the diving instructor and then demonstrated by the instructor, so the student may feel confident that they can perform the skill themselves. Just like the theory and video sessions, there are 5 confined water training modules.
Open Water Scenarios To perform open water rescue scenarios we go out on the boat and make various open water rescue scenarios / dives. You’ll have to be on your toes here because you never know when the scenarios may occur!

Diver must meet the follow Prerequisites to take this course:

Must be a certified EFR or equivalent 1st and 2nd level responder.
Must be over the age of 15 years
Must be healthy to dive
Must be a certified Advanced open water diver

Guests should book at least one day before the trip date Booking registrations can be made directly at the dive center anytime until 9pm the night before. Students are required to complete the PADI Student record File and PADI Medical Statement

A deposit payment through our website will reserve spaces for this trip
Final payment can be made at the dive center prior to trip departure

In the event that a student cannot complete the course we shall only charge to the portions of the course that have been conducted.
If a student has any medical condition, the student must have a clearance from a doctor prior to being allowed to dive. We recommend the student reads the PADI Medical PDF Download Here .
If you are not sure, please contact us.