Staying In Pattaya Accommodation Tips

Things To Do In Pattaya
November 24, 2016
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November 24, 2016

Staying In Pattaya Accommodation Tips

where to stay pattaya accommodation guide

Looking For Good Accommodation Options in Pattaya?

If you have never been to Pattaya before for scuba diving, then it really hard to know where is best to stay, which area of Pattaya is closest to the best activities and the diving centers. This Pattaya Accommodations Tips and Directions Guide should help you.

Here's Some Tips and Hotel Recommendations Close To Central Pattaya & Diving.

Pattaya Accommodation Tip #1
Book Early

Make sure you book early to get the best rates and choices of Pattaya accommodation. Although you can easily find a great place to stay within budget when you arrive on the fly,  Booking ahead of time give you the advantage of saving times searching around, carrying bags and hunting after your flight. I think you'll agree, relaxing and exploring the vicinity when you get to Pattaya for a holiday or weekend from Bangkok, is much better time spent.

Pattaya Accommodation Tip #2
Believe The Hype?

Should I stay or should I go? Pattaya one the most talked about cities in Thailand, its vivid nightlife reputation stand tall before it. But is this what Pattaya is really all about? There are tons of Things to Do In Pattaya and as a convenient Dive destination close to the largest major international airport in Thailand, it's a clear winner.  The accommodations in Pattaya are vast, it's not all catered to short time stays and dingy bed and breakfast.  There are Tons of high quality budget hotels as good, if not better than a lot in Thailand and very reasonable prices.

Compared to Diving in Phuket, where accommodation can be 3 times the price and half the quality, Pattaya Dive Trips can save you money. Diving In Pattaya offers good coral reef diving, especially around the Pattaya far islands. Even those visiting Bangkok have the chance to take a short few day trip to pattaya and experience some epic wreck diving without going all the way down to the south of Thailand.

Pattaya Accommodation Tip #3
 Location, Location Location.

Dont get confused about where its really happening in Pattaya. Central Pattaya, where you want to be, isnt really that big a place.  Upon searching for Pattaya accommodation, you'll find results for Naklua, Jomtien and maybe even east Pattaya. You want to be in central Pattaya. Jomtien, often referred to as south pattaya is in fact the next town down the coast. You not going to access the vast selection of pattaya Activities with ease from here. Naklua, yes, technically North pattaya is still a taxi ride, like Jomtien, from 90% of the places you will want to be within walking distance from.

Pattaya Accommodation Tip #3
 Where's Best To Stay In Central Pattaya?

Central Pattaya accommodation options include all levels, from 1st class Hotels to budget hostels. Regardless of what you choose, if you choose well, you will find a nice, reasonably priced, classy, clean room. When our divers ask us where is best to stay during a Pattaya Dive Trip the answer is easy, when you know it already. So if you thinking “Can You Recommend Where To Stay In Pattaya?” right now, continue to see our top pick of different budget, tastes and styles in accommodation available here.

Pattaya Accommodation Tip #4
 Short Walk from Diving & Top Things To See & Do.

We have based our suggestions on how close to Pattaya Dive Center and the central beach road area the hotel are. Below we have suggested accommodations that should suit a range of people looking for something not too quiet, or too lively.

We have added links to Agoda so you can go directly to see the hotels in detail and book early, now, if they are available. If you dont see an option that takes your fancy listed here, take a look at the Search For Pattaya Accommodations link at the bottom which will take you to a areas suggestion search in Agoda and you can browse all of the options available and discover Where To Stay When Visiting Pattaya.

Our Recommendations In Central Pattaya Close To Diving.

The Scenery Hotel Pattaya Accommodation

Scenery Room - Click For More On Agoda

 Directions From Scenery Hotel to Pattaya Dive Centre

Click To View Google Map Directions

The Scenery Hotel

WHAT A FANTASTIC HOTEL! Not expensive at all, cheaper than most in its range in the area and superior in every sense to the hotels mentioned by guests who stayed in Bangkok previous to Pattaya. The staff are friendly and helpful, the rooms BIG, clean & modern. Its located a stone throw from major shopping & Pattaya Dive Center.

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Page 10 Hotel Pattaya Accommodation

Page 10 Room - Click For More On Agoda

 Directions From Page 10 Hotel to Pattaya Dive Centre

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Page 10 Hotel

WHAT A VERY NICE HOTEL! Located around the corner on Soi 10 in the middle of Central Pattaya, Page 10 is only minutes walks from the beach front, mega shopping mall, eating and entertainment venues and of course our dive center. This Hotel is close by Soi Bukhao another hotspot for great drinks and dining.

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Hilton Hotel Pattaya Accommodation

Hilton Room - Click For More On Agoda

 Directions From Hilton Pattaya Hotel to Pattaya Dive Centre

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Hilton Pattaya Hotel

TOP CLASS PATTAYA HOTEL! Of course, this is a Hilton Hotel, so it is a very high end Pattaya hotel, actually located above and part of the Central Festival 6 storey Mega Mall on the Pattaya Beach Road, The center and heart of the city overlooking Pattaya Bay. Also only 5min from the Dive Center.

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Nautical Inn Hotel Pattaya Accommodation

Nautical Inn Room - Click For More On Agoda

 Directions From Nautical Inn Pattaya Hotel to Pattaya Dive Centre

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Nautical Inn Hotel

RIGHT ON THE BEACH FRONT! This tidy and clean hotel is a perfectly located Pattaya Hotel, right on the beach front Pattaya Beach Road in the middle of all shopping, restaurants and entertainments. 2mins away from dive center.

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