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Pattaya Diving Overview : Coral Islands, Shipwrecks, Dive Season, Weather, Aquatic life

If you take a trip to Thailand to go scuba diving, dont miss out on diving Pattaya! After only a short distance from Bangkok you can escape the cities whilst diving in the warm sun, exploring the Pattaya and Samae San islands with us.

We still visit coral island reefs and wreck dive sites when most other scuba diving locations in Thailand close for monsoon! We have 3 custom built dive boats that will take you diving with Hawksbill Sea turtles or perhaps you live the Macro Life and want to seek out Nudibranch and Seahorse> Diving Pattaya has it all.

The pattaya diving season is all year around with the best months from November to March. The Weather is always hot and sunny even when it rains and the sea temperature a steady 30c. Water visibility ranging from 6m to 20m at different times and dive sites during the year. No matter the season, the weather or the viz, we always have fun and can find as good a selection of interesting aquatic sea life to show you here as anywhere else scuba diving in Thailand.

About Dive Pattaya

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If you dont know already, Dive pattaya is Pattaya Dive Center's certified diver only branch, In addition to our normal pattaya dive trips we also run exclusive separate boat trips around Samae San dedicated to certified divers. This makes for a more streamlined dive day without different parties waiting for each other. Sorry snorkelers, discover scuba divers and open water students, you can get our central pattaya dive trips or get in on this action once you've finished your scuba diving lessons and are certified! Until then read on about diving in pattaya and our dive shop's multi dive combo packages.

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About Pattaya Diving

I know About Diving in Thailand But Where Is Pattaya?

Pattaya Diving is close to Bangkok

Pattaya is easy to get to in less than 2hrs from Bangkok. Its a lively city by night and day, during which you can do many things along with scuba diving such as temples visits, floating markets, skydiving or other sports like sailing and bungee jumping! After which you can relax in a giant food court or watch a movie in the largest beach front shopping mall in Thailand!

Diving In Pattaya Has So Much To Offer

Pattaya Is Great Scuba Diving If you want to go scuba diving in Thailand, diving in Pattaya has so much to offer. Pattaya has 26 great dive locations such as Koh Rin, often mentioned in many pattaya scuba diving reviews. Also, scuba diving in coral island pattaya locally known as Koh Lan has great coral reefs. Koh Chan is more often associated to diving in Samae San, which is next to pattaya should also be on anyone dive list. Between Pattaya and Samae san you'll find a huge range of different aquatic life, lots of Turtles, Seahorse, Nudibranch not to mention some of the best wreck diving in Thailand!

Pattaya Has Tons Of Other Things To Do! Why not check out some of the amazing activities this lively city can offer and combine them with your scuba diving holiday to Pattaya!? There are also many islands just off the coast here, making Pattaya a prime destination to combine an exciting scuba diving holiday with nightlife and some great scuba diving or 1st class scuba diving lessons!
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Dive Trip Schedules

What are the Pattaya Dive Trip Schedules?

We Run Dive Trips Every Day

We meet daily at our PADI 5-star idc, the Pattaya Dive Centre at 8:15am. After a quick sign in and preparation of the rosta and all scuba diving equipment we are usually ready to depart at 8:30am to head to either the Samae san Pier to board ‘Sirens of the deep’ or 9am sharp from the beach right outside the dive shop for the Pattaya Islands.

Dive Trip Times Departure and Return

Departure time depends on which of our 3 custom built dive boats your on. Depending on that, we depart between 8:30am and 9am. our usual dive schedule consisting 2 dives with lunch in the middle. Typically, we return to the dive centre on average each day by 3:30pm approx. Although if your on Lady Go Diver II, it could be much faster as she is the fastest dive boat in Pattaya. Just depends on the dive site location visited on the given day.

Back In Plenty Of Time

Wherever you're daily fun Thai dive day trip take you, you'll be back in plenty of time. Upon return our staff store the dive gear whilst you wash the sand off our feet and sign off the log books with maybe a cold drink if you want to relax outside the centre with us.
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Can I Book to Dive a Specific Dive Site?

We Always Do Our Best
Please work with us and be prepared with options. We have tried in the past to state a fixed schedule to exact sites on exact days. But this can place an unrealistic expectation in your mind since sometimes we simply must change the dive site location due to weather, be it wind, currents / tides, visibility etc.

Experience Guided By Skill
To Get The Best Diving In Pattaya Ask us! we are the experts in evaluation the best dive conditions. Each day before a dive trip, we evaluate the conditions and we chose a dive site location and dive sites based on current wind and tide conditions. Unfortunately booking online 3 months before arrival for a single day trip makes it almost impossible to guarantee a specific dive site on that specific day so far in the future.

Avoid Disappointment
Best Way To See The Best Dive Sites In Pattaya is to book a combo trip dive packages over 3 or more days and ask upon arrival about where we can plan to go during that time. We can not only advise you where the best diving is at the moment but we can also do our very best to make sure you get to a dive site you really want to tick off your list.
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Booking a Dive Trip

Why Should I Book With Dive Pattaya?

Why? Because we love diving and especially love showing you around our small piece of the underwater world! Pattaya Dive Centre guarantees to offer our customers a friendly fun dive experience. We aim to give only the best value/service with prices/booking and from more than 25 years in the scuba diving industry in Thailand we would like to think, we know how to show you a good fun safe dive day out! We are focused to exclusively offer certified divers some of the best deals for diving in Pattaya by choosing different dive sites everyday and trying to visit the rarer and more special dive sites more often than anyone else!

Scuba Diving in Pattaya Prices

Our prices and deals are set and reviewed to ensure it meets your expectation of the best value versus the best quality. We do not aim to be the cheapest dive shop anymore than we would like to be the most expensive. We simply look at keeping all 3 of our boats, clean air facility and dive equipment in top notch condition we would like use if we ourselves were using for a dive trip. Some booking agents in Pattaya may offer you a cheaper price but then they will send you to another company's boat. We could do the same and offer a cheaper rate, but we much prefer to stay in control of how and when the trips is conducted, where the boats visit and what food is provided each diving trip. When asking our past customers which they would prefer, a few hundred baht cheaper or a better service and quality the answer is the same each time. So we continue to try and offer a competitive rate without compromising service and quality.

How Should I Book My Dive Trip?

We accept bookings up until 9pm (local time) the night before a trip commences to reserve and guarantee your place. However, we strongly advise you to book at least 5 days before you arrive because you can take advantage of our online special deals this way.

Quick Booking Pattaya Dive Trip PriceList

Advanced Online Booking Special Offers

Our latest Advanced Online Booking Special is a FREE dive computer rental for each day of diving booked! Normal dive computer rental fees run at 400thb per day so lets say if you book our 3 day combo dive package 5 DAYS BEFORE YOU ARRIVE, you not only SAVE 10% on your diving (worth 990 THB) but you also receive FREE dive computer rental worth 1,200THB! Thats a total saving of 2,190THB! (that's around 51GBP or 63 USD). I think you have to admit, that's not bad at all!

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