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HIN CHALARM Pattaya Dive Site

Dive Site Name: Hin Chalarm ( Translated Rock Shark) Location: A ways out from main dive area closest to Koh Chan. Conditions :  Offers some of the best viability, usually good all year round can have fun drift. Average depth: 14m Maximum depth: 22m
Hin Chalarm is by far one of the best dives in the Samae San Area, due to its usually good visibility and the fact it is largely populated with dense marine life.  Hin Chalarm, translates to Rock (Hin) Shark (Chalarm) in English and many believe this is because of the sighting of Black tip Reef Sharks, Bamboo Sharks and even the odd whale shark at this location.

HIN CHALARM, one of the best Local dive sites.

The Island is a far out islet of shallow rocky areas and coral bank inclines where sponges, sea whips,  many hard corals are abundant. This a 12m wall section on the south side which also has a small cave like inlet which make for great exploration. Although this isn’t a swim through by any means its still fun to take a peak into this overhand.

Hin Chalarm Dive Pattaya Samae San
Nudibranch Diving Pattaya Hin Charlarm


On certain tides, Hin Chalarm provide a really good drift dive,  dropping into the water at the south, those who are good on air consumption and talented in controlling a multi level profile can in fact circumnavigate the entire rock and dive site in a single dive whilst drifting. As fun as this dive is and they is also a great chance to sea some large barracuda feeding on the current or even larger Travalies also, the site in a clam current is even better.

The northern tip of Hin Charlam  is a larger flatter open area, and where most dive begin by choice.  Starting around 10m divers explore close to the coral line which is really interesting and layout amounts rocky structures and hard coral plate which aquatic life, such as Bamboo Sharks love to hide  beneath. As you follow around the corners from this spot it is typical for divers to turn and retain back to boat but if one was to make it a little further around to the sand bar is where it can get a little deeper around 18m you will see many of Hin Charlams secret features, Its ordnance.
This small rock, due to it remote location away from the other islands is sometimes used as target practice by the Royal Thai Navy. As a result you will see many training rounds and ordnance in various parts of the dive site. It is said by his Navy, that these ordnance shells do not contain explosive, however they do contain detonators which is why you will see some split open and others laying silently, on the bottom in perfect condition. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should you handle, pick up or disturb any of these for your won and other divers safety.

So, keep a look out for Hin Chalarm Samae San Dive Trips or ask us when we have them planned, we dont dive hear every week however we do visit very often. If you like a variety of aquati life from Turtles to Nudi branch to dense coral fish schools with a chance of spotting larger pelagic sea life, this is the dive site for you!