HTMS Kut / Khood Pattaya Wreck Dives

Pattaya dive sites in depth
HTMS Khram Wreck Dive Site
November 2, 2016
Pattaya dive sites in depth
HTMS Mataphon Wreck Dive Site
November 2, 2016

HTMS Kut / Khood Pattaya Wreck Dives

Pattaya dive sites in depth
Wreck Dive Site Name: HTMS Kut or Khood
Location: Next to Koh Sak in The Pattaya Near Island chain
Conditions: between November and March this site has very favorable conditions.
Visibility of 5m (15ft) increases to 20m (80ft)
Wreck Site Access – Ascent/descent Lines connected to the ships bow, stern and mast
Max Depth – 30m – 31m
Wreck Site Length – 56m
No Deco Limits (Dive Tables) Normal Air – 20mins / EANx up to 35mins
Multi Level computer Dive – Extends bottom time extensively Safety Stop Procedures Mandatory 3min stop at 5m required
Common Aquatic Life Sting Rays, Scorpion Fish, Barracuda, Giant Puffers

Pattaya wreck diving begins just 40 min’s from Pattaya beach shoreline where the might 56m long HTMS Kut is resting. HTMS KUT started life as a warship in the US Navy during the second World War. She is one of the larger landing crafts in Thai waters and is the closest wreck dive available for recreational divers.
HTMS Kut bow shipwreck diving in Pattaya Thailand

The Depth Of This Wreck

The deepest point of this wreck dive is at the forward bow of the ship near the seabed, approx 31m on high tide. As you explore the main deck you can expect your dive profile to be around 22-25m on upper and lower deck sections and the tip of the conning tower situated in the midships is at approx 12m right at the top. Due to the greater depths of most of this shipwreck, to scuba dive this vessel you need to be Advanced scuba diver level upwards or open water certified divers can make it to the decks whilst undertaking a Deep Adventure Dive or PADI Advanced Open water course accompanied by an instructor.

HTMS Kut - Pattaya Wreck Dive Features

The size of this shipwreck compared to smaller fishing boat types is a feature in itself. The ship was well prepped by the Royal Thai Navy before sinking making it safe for wreck diving.

HTMS Kut Inside Dangers  shipwreck diving in Pattaya Thailand

Wreck Diving Hazards

The wreck itself is free from most diving hazards sometimes found on warship wrecks. Hazards such as armaments, oil or canopies were removed prior to sinking.  Large holes were cut in many strategic places to provide access for penetration dives and swim thrus. This is a fantastic wreck for training wreck divers.

Wreck Swim Thrus

Its is possible to swim thru the upper deck area at three points entering down into the engine room. The penetration point offers wide and spacious areas to swim through and also offers direct access outside if required. This section really provides a good training ground to introduce you slowly to penetration procedures, after which you may find navigating the ship's passageways the next challenge.

HTMS Kut Soft Corals diving in Pattaya Thailand

The Wreck Passages

Entering upper deck corridors and swimming along its passages is possible just like on its sister ship HTMS Khram Wreck. For the most part, they rarely take your diving plan to far from a natural light zone unless you drop down within a hatch inside to its sub deck level penetrations.  These parts of the wreck serve as a good challenge in buoyancy and hazard awareness for certified wreck divers and wreck specialty training students.

Sub Deck Level Penetrations.

Deeper rooms and routes are possible to explore to fully qualified and confident wreck specialty divers and  technical divers. Please note, although care should always be taken inside these rooms, it worth to note the silt build up over time is quite substantial. Depth combined with silt can see your viz blacked out in a instance in here.  Big steel watertight doors are still fitted down here and if knocked in the darkness of a silt out, may be locked easily with the unsuspected diver still inside. Pattaya Dive centre instructors have thousands of dives on the wrecks between them so serve perfectly as professional guides to avoid such hazards.

Check Out this Video From HTMS Kut Showing Some Wreck Diving In Pattaya With Basic Penetration.