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Koh Chan Badan Pattaya Dive Site

Dive Site Name: Koh Chan Location: Beautiful secluded dive site at the far most tip of the samae san chain of islands Conditions : Generally good all year round Average depth: 6m (20ft) Maximum depth: 18m (60ft) Common Aquatic Life: Clown Fish, Green Turtles, Blue Spot Sting Rays, Nudibranch, School fish
Koh Chan is the last Samea San Island in the Nearby Area and its stunning

Koh Chan dive site Condition

You can dive on either side of Koh Chan depending on the winds and currents. The southern most tip of the island has huge rocks that have fallen from the cliff, where it has eroded over the centuries. If you are anchored here for your lunch break it is well worth a snorkel trip around the shallow waters, it’s not uncommon to see small Black Tip reef sharks.

Koh Chan Island Samae San Dive Site
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Koh Chan Reef Site

The best dive site here is the headland on the south east corner of the island on the seaward side. On entering the water follow the coral reef down. Upon reaching the bottom head south toward the headland, it will be shallow to start then rapidly getting deeper, large rocks covered in sea fan, whip coral, hard and soft coral. Many blue spotted sting Rays, schools of Yellow Tail Fusiliers and lion fish can be seen feeding in the currents.