Pattaya dive sites in depth

Koh Chuang Samae San Dive Site

Dive Site Name: Koh Chuang Location: Largest island dived around Samae San almost 8km south of the harbor. Conditions : generally good all year round Average depth: 8m (20ft) Maximum depth: 18m (60ft) Common Aquatic Life: Angel Fish Hawksbill Turtles, Blue Spot Sting Rays, Nudibranch, Bannerfish
 Koh Chuang takes approx 30min to get to and is often visited along with trips to the Hardeep Wreck.

Koh Chuang Various Dive Sites

With it’s picturesque beaches and rocky headlands Koh Chuang offers several shallow dive sites, ideal training sites for beginner or novice divers.
The Northern Beach is protected and not used as a dive site since it is where the turtles nest and should never be disturbed.

The shallow sandy bays and connected with rocky outcrops and fringing corals that almost completely surround the entire island.

Koh Chuang Island Dive Site Samea San

KOH CHUANG Reef diving

 Of approx. 5 different dive sites, in any case, you usually enter the water and follow the fringing coral reef down to a sandy bottom which in turn leads onto a stright forward coral line in which to follow in whichever direction. It is not uncommon to see turtles around here, numerous fish including blue spotted sting rays, moral eels, fusilier, angle and butterfly fish make Koh chuang their home.