Pattaya dive sites in depth

Koh Khrok Pattaya Dive Site

Dive Site Name: Koh Khrok Location: This is the closest of all the dive sites off the Pattaya coast, 9km east of Pattaya Beach. Conditions: During northerly winds this is a good site for novices. Visibility ranges between 5m (16ft) and 15m (50ft). Average depth: 7m (23ft) | Maximum depth: 12m (40ft) Common Aquatic Life: Hawksbill Turtles, Giant Puffer fish, Octopus and Anemones Gardens
Koh Khrok is the closest Island to Pattaya and the best dive site to dive with sea turtles.

Koh Khrok Island Home to The Turtle Family

Pattaya isn’t so well know for this but it in fact has the highest concentration of wild sea turtles in Thailand. Koh Khrok is a great example to see this as there are usually more than 5 resident Hawksbill Turtles residing here at any time. Greenback Turtle also visit here during mating season.

Koh Khrok Pattaya Dive Site
Pattaya Near Island Sea Turtle

Koh Khrok Drift Dives

This site is always one to watch when strong incoming tides are present, drift dives along this side of the island can be quite fun. although in a dropping tide the waters are calm and tranquil. This site is home to many reef fish, nudibranch and is home to many hawksbill sea turtles.