Pattaya dive sites in depth

Koh Klung Badan Pattaya Dive Site

Pattaya Far Islands Dive Site Name: Koh Klung Badan Location: South Of Koh Phai Far Island Pattaya Dive Site Conditions : Best Conditions Around Aug to Jan Visibility :Between 10m to 20m Average depth:12m Maximum depth: 22m Common Aquatic Life: Moray eels, Hawksbill Turtles, Blue Spot Sting Rays, Nudibranch, Bamboo Sharks
Koh Klung Badan has three awesome dive areas, When it good, this dive site can really sand out in the Far Islands Chain. Koh Klung Badan takes approx 1.5hrs to travel and is often visited along with trips to the HTMS Khram Wreck.

Koh Klung Badan, one of the best Pattaya Island dive sites.

Koh Klung Badan is fairly small uninhabited island dive area. A small bay with a white sand beach outcrop on the northeast side is usually the first choice where the boat will moor up. Snorkelers can enjoy the shallow coral reef here next to the island whilst Divers can go off exploring the vast reef that runs the fringe of this side of the island. Its sometime worth a venture out in the bay itself also for a much dive as both Nudibranch and octopus and seahorse can be found here.

Koh Klung Badan Turtles
Koh Klung Badan Moray

Koh Klung Badan Reef Site

The side of the island looks rocky from the surface, but just below the waves you’ll find a number of shallow reef areas that make up or connect around the larger main dive site. Started closer to the front bay, Giant hard corals stand tall in the shallows and the water become deeper and wraps around the ‘backside’ of the island. Here, between the rock formations are plenty of soft corals fans, anemones and sea whips which thrive. Exploring this area well is a huge dive in itself and can easily be classed as 2 dive sites, the front reef and the backside reef. First slowly descend to depth to around 8m, from here you’ll reach the tips of the fringing coral line. Usually guides proceed down to about 14m just before the sandy patches can be found. Many fish and sting rays hang around this slightly deep mixture of rocky formation and coral whips are. It common to bump into a baby sea turtle in the areas also and Cuttle fish at certain times of the year.

Koh Klung Badan Deep Reef

Provided the current is in favor and your guide know exactly where to look, you can swim out from the backside reef and descend beyond the usual 14m deep across the sands to a hidden little ditty we call the Deep Reef. There are even more large hard corals and step like rock formations down there for you to traverse around whilst looking in all the nooks and holes for  The moray Eels and bamboo sharks that frequent here.

Bamboo Sharks Pattaya Andrew Jennings Photography