Koh Phai Dive Site Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya dive sites in depth
Koh Rin Dive Site Pattaya Thailand
May 6, 2014
Pattaya dive sites in depth
Koh Khrok Dive Site Pattaya Thailand
May 8, 2014

Koh Phai Dive Site Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya dive sites in depth
Pattaya Far Islands Dive Site Name: Koh Phai
Location: The northernmost of the Far Island chain.
Conditions : Best Conditions Around July/Aug as well as between November to Jan
Visibility :Between 8m to 30m
Average depth:10m
Maximum depth: 24m

Common Aquatic LifeOctopus, Seahorse, Sting Rays, Nudibranch, Cuttle (during season)
Koh Phai AKA Bamboo Island, Serene White Sand Dive Island within the Far Islands Chain. Koh Phai Island takes approx 50min to travel to on Pattaya Dive Center's Boat Lady Go Diver II. Setting off early on her can see you submerge onto the coral reef long before the other dive boats reach the dive site after their 1.5 to 2hr journey.

Bamboo Island, the largest Pattaya Far Island, has 3 common Dive Sites.

Koh Phai East is a small bay opposite the HTMS Khram Shipwreck, The South End of Phai has a huge white sand beach bay which divers can stay within an explore or start from if they are partaking in the 3rd dive spot which is an epic drift dive along the coral line that runs from south to north along the east side of the island.

Koh Phai East Dive Site

This shallow reef dive site is highlighted by many soft corals, these corals are not the most radiant nor largest examples in the area, but are still very nice. Much of the silt is redistributed by the currents present during northerly winds and spring tides means the visibility is fairly typical of the area. A very nice shallow relaxing dive will take you past sponge-encrusted rocks and greater star corals, occasionally split by clusters of smaller, less hardy corals. Familiar reef inhabitants parrot fish, wrasse and puffer fish, sea horse, damsels and giant clams are always present. Away from the reef, juvenile snappers, jacks and fusiliers and mullets repeatedly pass by.

Koh Phai South Bay and Bamboo Drift

The South end bay of Koh Phai is enormous, although you can stay within the bay, the corals are many comprised of smaller sponges, sea whips and smaller gregorian seafan. You really know where to look also as the coral patches are spread out and sporadic. If you dont know how to navigate you way from patch to patch you you can easily find yourself on a 45min sand dive. Be that as it may, the Sand diving in Koh Phai is actually top notch if your a much dive fan. Care exploration of rocks and seabed plants will reveal some gems in ways of shrimps, nudibranch, octopus, seahorse and types of stone fish such as Bumphead scorpion fish and demon stinger walkermen.

Koh Phai South Drift

If you have the current this is one of the better Drift dives sites in Pattaya. Without current, the reef line followed by the drifters can also be navigated as a return to boat dive. But make sure you know what the current is doing on the corner or you'll need exception skills to get back and navigate around the current back into the bay.
This coral line is accented by huge boulders, the hard corals tend to dominate the shallower water between 1m to 8m: coral laminates form terraces that descend to deeper-water areas where long, spiraling sea whips are embedded among larger rocks.The marine life is fair and varied often featuring huge school of yellow snapper and barracuda. Within the corals and rocks, clown fish reside in their anemones and Puffer fish and moray hide between the rockymounts. At the right time of year many cuttle fish hang around this site and can sometimes be seen mating.