Pattaya dive sites in depth

Koh Sak Pattaya Dive Site

Dive Site Name: Koh Sak East & Koh Sak West
Location: This is the northern most island of the three Pattaya near islands 10km west of Pattaya Beach.
Conditions: During southerly winds this is a good site for novices. Visibility ranges between 5m (16ft) and 15m (50ft). Average depth: 5m (16ft) | Maximum depth: 9m (30ft)

Common Aquatic Life:
Clown Fish, Hawksbill Turtles, Sting Rays, Nudibranch, Schooling Fish

Koh Sak is Near island with Protected Bay offering excellent shallow coral dives

Koh Sak Most Visited Pattaya Island

This Pattaya near island dive site must be the most dived site by many of Pattaya’s dive shops as a training site, care must be taken when in the centre of the bay or on the surface due to tour boats and jet skis, surface markers are a must. The east and west headlands do offer some interesting shallow reef and under water artificial reef project, as little as 3m (10 ft) in the centre of the bay at low tide.

Koh Sak Dive Site Island Pattaya

Koh Sak Hidden Gems

 Due to the fact that the dive area is protected from the weather most of the year it some times has some of the best visibility. Divers will often see turtles, marine life is plentiful and varied.
Koh Sak also has many hidden dive areas including deep reefs, the cubes and the tire reef to name a few.