Pattaya dive sites in depth

North Rock Pattaya Dive Site

Dive Site Name: North Rock Location: A small rocky outcrop 8km south of Koh Manwichai. The dive circumnavigates the outcrop. Conditions: Can have strong currents but offers shelter on each site. Visibility: 5m (15ft) and 15m (50ft). Average depth: 9m (30ft) Maximum depth: 18m (60ft) Common Aquatic Life: Hawksbill Turtles, Sting Rays, Nudibranch, Bamboo Sharks, Puffer Fish
Koh Rin is a place of natural beauty and this is a satellite rock nearby this stunning dive site in Pattaya.

North Rock Pattaya Island dive site.

This is one of the area’s better sites. The corals, mainly patch corals, being subject to strong currents from both directions, the south tip has large rocks and a sandy bottom. Along the east shore the plate corals drop steeply then bottom out at around 10m (33ft) then small boulders are scatter over the sea bed, covered in whip corals, soft corals illuminate the sea floor.

Koh Rin North Rock Dive Site Pattaya
North rock dive site coral reef dives pattaya

North Rock Reef Site

Often you will find small gray bamboo sharks resting under the large rocks. The northern edge has varied corals over the reef edge with sandy bottom, look under the larger coral heads as there are many morals. Although there is a small shallow reef of coral laminates. In deeper waters, away from the rocks, there are a few areas of sea whips, to which cling feather stars; below these, in the rubble, are colorful nudi branch. Reasonable sightings of pelagic Barracuda, jacks, trivializes and the occasional school of tuna are fairly regular, so the site is not entirely without attractions.

North Rock Drift Dives

The current, whenits running around Pattaya North Rock lends towards you having an amzing drfit dive. You can start on the East side and swim around two thirds of the entire island.  You can hug the coral line between 10m to 14m and if you like you can come off the island and cruise over the Deep Reef area at around 16m seeing some stunning soft corals whilst you do. 

North Rock Diving with Turtles in Pattaya