We offer the best APEKS Regulator Services at our workshop in Pattaya. As qualified ASSET Dive technicians, we can offer a multitude of Dive Gear services for various other SCUBA Regulator brands too! All SCUBA Regulator services ( be it a regulator repair or Maintenance Service) are preformed quickly and include full clean, service kit part replacements as well as swivel joints on gauges and full hose checks.

We also offer NEW regulator set ups and assembly on all brands regulators.
We can also help out with various Dive computer Battery changes and potential dive gear spares and repairs.

⦿Typical Regulator service or repair usually takes around 5 working days, subject to availability of parts.
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SCUBA Regulator services include 2 elements. 1.Service Kits. 2.Service Charge

Service Kit Required for 1st and 2nd Stages
Regulator Dismantled Cleaned and Serviced
Evaluation Of Other Conditions Outside of Standard Service Parts.
Hoses, Gauges, Swivel joints Etc.

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