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The Hardeep Wreck Dive Site

Wreck Dive Site Name: The Hardeep – originally known as the SS Suddhadib Location: Koh Chuang / Samae San Best Conditions:  Nov / March Visibility of 5m (15ft) increases to 30m (100ft) Wreck Site Access – Ascent/descent Lines on bow & stern Max Depth – 28m Wreck Site Length – 70m No Deco Limits (Dive Tables) Air – 20mins / EANx up to 50mins Common Aquatic Life Nudibranch, Sting Rays,  Scorpion Fish, Tusk Fish
The Hardeep Wreck was a freighter sank in 1945 now becoming a stunning sponge coral superstructure.

A bit of History of the Hardeep

The Hardeep Wreck originally known as the SS Suddhadib was attacked during WWII and sank by Allied bombers after been found exposed and targeted for aiding to ship supply for the Japanese during World War II. Previously, SS Suddhadib had services as both a passenger and cargo-ship before she was commandeered by the Japanese army to run supplies to Thailand.  The shipwreck is located just off Samae san, literally only a few hundred meters from Koh Chuang and is 64-metres long laying on her starboard side in the sand at 27m deep.

The Hardeep Wreck Dive Pattaya
Inside The Hardeep Wreck Diving Pattaya

Diving The Hardeep

All the way along the wreck, you can see very large open cargo holds and port holes on the side (now roof in current sde position). These holes give light to wreck divers penetrating the hull and hold areas, as well as the engine room. Inside the Hardeeps engine room you can still see the crankshaft intact.

Wreck diving the starboard side so the deck is in front of you, gives the dive an interesting angle. As the wreck sits in 27 meters of water on scuba divers with advanced training over entry level may enjoy this wreck dive. Those taking the Advanced Open Water course may visit her when the tide conditions are favorable. Wreck Diver Specialty Trainees will have the time of their life with the Hardeep.

Inside The Hardeep Wreck

Her hull is largely intact and there is access to the engine room where you can see the huge crankshaft along with swim through access in the bow and rear cargo holds. The holds are known as the “Cathedral” because of the shafts of light that pour through the vast interior from above. The passage of time has taken it’s toll on the hulls structure and penetration is becoming more risky. 

There’s certainly a lot to be explored just inside. It seems to me that every time I dive this wreck there’s more to see. Certainly a must for any wreck diving enthusiast. After more than 70 years, nature has worked her magic on the Hardeep wreck and it is home to some of the finest Pattaya Sea Life now.

The Hardeep Wreck Diving Pattaya