padi advanced open water course - pattaya scuba diver training


Many divers ask, how advanced should I be before taking on the PADI Advanced Diver course In Pattaya? In truth, you don’t need to be Advanced to take this dive course! The purpose of AOW is to Advanced your current dive knowledge, refine your style and dive skills. You can begin advanced training once you complete the PADI Open Water Course or any other entry level diving course. Its best to progress straight away as you’re less likely to adopt bad habits and can enjoy your scuba diving more with confidence. Taking the Advanced PADI dive course in Pattaya with us will mean focusing you on getting your buoyancy perfect, expanding your diving experience in deeper waters and builds new knowledges in areas your interested in as well as on top of what you learned during your PADI Open Water Diver course. We will take you diving in Pattaya and Samae San on five exciting Adventure Dives (two core & three elective dives).
The course generally takes 2 days & includes full scuba equipment, boat refreshments and lunch.