Welcome To Dive Pattaya

Pattaya dive sites in depth
Koh Sak Dive Site Pattaya Thailand
May 9, 2014
Pattaya dive sites in depth
Koh Chan Dive Site Samae San Thailand
September 23, 2016

Welcome To Dive Pattaya

Dive Pattaya Welcome Blog

Welcome to Dive Pattaya, Pattaya’s latest and hottest scuba diving website.

Who Is Dive Pattaya?

Dive Pattaya is operated by Pattaya Dive Center, the longest standing dive center in the same location for more than 15yrs now. We operate a 5 star PADI IDC Center and own 3 of our own custom built dive boats.

Why The New Website?

This is not a makeover, its an expansion. divecenterpattaya.com is still very much alive we have simply decided to dedicate a website to our advanced divers, speciaifcally for advanced diver training and courses. Like everything in this day and age, you have to stay ahead of the times, we follow the latest technical advances in our scuba diving, new dive gear, latest training standards and keep our finger on the pulse as new dive courses and techniques emerge. Our website should be the same, hence divepattaya.com is here to show you we take our commitment to our dive center, diver training and delivering you the best possible serivecs seriously.

Whats On Offer At the New Website?

If you search out diving in Pattaya, you will find many websites with the same old layout, the same old information regurgitated. Its time for a fresh outlook. Ok, we can’t rewrite the book, but we can represent it in a new, upto date and engaging way. We aim to develop Divepattaya.com into the ultimate one stop shop for the best infomation on Pattaya Dive Sites, Pattaya Dive Courses and Pattaya as a whole.

Why Should I Dive In Pattaya?

Pattaya, Thailand, has a lot to offer. Aside from being the closest and easiest dive destination to Bangkok, it is also coined the “Wreck Diving Capital” Of Thailand. 5 wrecks ranging from 20m to 30m lay very close to Pattaya’s shore, including the Hardeep, one of Thailand’s most famous wreck dives. Even if your not yet an advanced diver, capable of diving to the deeper water wrecks, Pattaya has many other diverse dive sites to explore.

Whats Diving in Pattaya All About?

The Dive Sites around Pattaya are often overlooked and there lime light stolen by the Similan islands and other south Thailand dive destination. The “Far Islands” of Pattaya are approx 1.5hrs from Pattaya beach and offer some of the best dives in Thailand’s northern gulf. The “Near Islands” of Pattaya are approx 40min from Pattaya beach and are home to many of Thailand’s oldest Hawksbill Sea Turtles! Pattaya has more wreck diving than anywhere else in Thailand and Samae San Islands are some of the most beautiful and remote islands in Thailand.

Dive Pattaya is exclusively dedicated to dive trips for certified divers on scuba diving holidays in Pattaya or Bangkok and focuses on dive packages and advanced level diver training and PADI specialty courses along with Technical Diving.

We look forward to diving with you.